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From the gentleman that picked up my mother through the planning process to the viewing and funeral I can't imagine any way they could have made this process any better. Every detail was taken care of. Every possible need was anticipated including a special request that was handled creatively and efficiently making for a very memorable memorial service. The care and dedication of the staff at Doherty made this experience far better than I ever could have imagined. thank you for taking such good care of Mom and our family

Darlene C
July 2, 2019

Traditionally, my family had always used another funeral home, but we chose Doherty and we were very pleased with our decision. Jim Mullin took exceptional care of us.

Michael & Terry E. (Newark, DE; October 2018)
January 30, 2019

A death in a family is a terrible time, but Jim, Michele, Kate and the rest of the staff made our experience as positive as could be. Everything exceeded our expectations. Everyone was professional and kind! Thank you so much. Keep up the great work!

Moira S. (Newark, DE; April 2017)
May 9, 2017

On behalf of my daughter, Suzanne and her husband, Keith, I would like to express our family's thanks for the professional and thoughtful manner in which our grandson's funeral was conducted. We know that this is your business and you do this all the time, but the caring and personal touch that Michele provided helped make this most difficult of times a little easier to endure.

At a time when grief robs us of our sense of the right thing to do, it is comforting to know that there is someone beside us who keeps us on a steady course. With so many details to manage on top of the emotional turmoil that was thrust upon the family, we were freed from any concerns about giving (our grandson) the most meaningful memorial service.

Please convey to Michele and all of your staff who assisted, that we truly appreciated the professional manner in which they saw to our needs at a time when we were most vulnerable.

Bob L. (Middletown, DE; January 2016
January 20, 2016

Dear Bill, Sandy, Rose and Diane,
My family and I want to thank you for your empathy, sincerity, and professionalism during this difficult time for us. You made the process very easy and you were very respectful. I appreciate all of the programs you offer to help us deal with our grief. Doherty is a top-notch organization. Thanks also for planting a tree in our mother's honor.

Cheryl M & Family (Wilmington, DE; September 2018)

Having Sandy Jones as an advisor really took the bite out of some of the paperwork that goes with losing a spouse. Everyone was warm, caring, and helpful. Thank You.

Marjorie P. (Wilmington, DE; March 2018)

My late husband told his sisters that I was in complete charge of planning his service because he knew I’d arrange a great service. I knew Chris (Gillis) was the one to help me. One sister-in-law had attended 4 funerals in the past 2 months and she said the Doherty service was by far the best.

Mary M. (Wilmington, DE; February 2018)

My funeral director was Jim Mullin. He felt like an old friend the first I met him. He was there at every turn and made me feel comfortable. He has my eternal gratitude.

Audrey C. (Lincoln University, PA; March 2018)

From the very first phone call, to the very last, I felt as if I were with family and friends. Each person offered smiles, kind words, and anything I may need or want. Michele worked with us, and I felt as if she were a part of us. Very friendly, very professional, but very approachable - I feel we could be friends. THANK YOU, each and every one of you.

Victoria B. (Elkton, MD; July 2017)

We are so very grateful for all of the services that you provided. Every detail was discussed and attended to with such care! I always felt free to ask questions - which were answered fully and in a timely manner. Unlike several of the funeral homes that I deal with arranging funerals for members of the church where I work, I can't think of one single thing that was lacking in the care of my Mom and of our family. It was inspiring to experience a staff that strives so diligently to care well for grieving families. Thank You all and God Bless You!

Kathy M. (Frederick, MD; March, 2017)

My family and I cannot say enough about the wonderful service that we experienced. Chris and the entire staff made us feel so comfortable while making the arrangements for our dad. Chris explained everything in detail and took time to make sure it was done timely down to the smallest of details. I don't think we have ever experienced such professionalism, dedication to detail, comfort and caring for our needs with any other funeral home in Delaware. Doherty is top-notch and we'll certainly recommend to family and friends. We sincerely appreciate the wonderful experience during such a difficult time. My father looked wonderful. We just can't say enough...a genuine experience!

Debbie W., Mary D., Agnes R.; October 2016

Michele was superb in every way. Her knowledge, expertise, compassion and patience were wonderful..."thank you" is not enough to express the gratitude we have for all that was done to make our Dad's funeral arrangements stress-free.

I want to mention that my meeting with Sandy was so valuable. Not only was I walked through all of the "after"(care) arrangements/changes (that) needed to be executed; but she took care of some of the initial calls! so much appreciated!

Mary Ann S. (Lincoln University, PA; August 2016

Bill III was outstanding. He was professional, respectful and compassionate. Even though Mom died out of state, Bill made sure all went smoothly. Having a meeting with Bill months ahead of Mom's death really helped us when the time came. Bill's suggestions and recommendations were perfect. We trusted him and he did not disappoint. We can not say enough good things about Bill III and all of the Doherty staff. All of the details were discussed and understood. There were no surprises in services or costs. To top things off, the quality, flow, timing and execution of the services for our Mom was excellent!

Paul W. (Linwood, NJ; June 2016)

We would like to extend our most heartfelt gratitude for the kindness and compassion we received from Doherty Funeral Home during a very difficult time for our family. From the moment we met Michele (Linder) in hospice, the family meeting with Chris Gillis, the exceptional obituary and beautiful funeral arrangements, the outstanding memorial DVD by Kate (Morgan), and to Sandy (Jones) who continues to be a source of comfort to us; you ALL have lifted the burden from our hands and truly turned it into a celebration of our loved one's life! We are overwhelmed by your compassion, your professionalism, the little nuances that made us feel special, and your loving way that made our family feel like a part of yours...You have exceeded all our expectations! Thank You so very much; we will never forget you!

Eileen B.(Hockessin, DE; April 2016)

Michele is such a warm and friendly person. Her genuineness and true desire to comfort and help us during this tragic time were very much appreciated. We were very impressed by how she exceeded our expectations and truly went above and beyond. wow.

Emily I. (Hockessin, DE; May 2016)

Michele was great. She answered any questions we had and treated us as if she was a member of our family. I will absolutely recommend her to anyone in need of your services. I would like to thank Michele and the Doherty organization on behalf of my entire family.

Stephen B. (Hockessin, DE; March 2016)

A funeral CAN be beautiful and your help, care and compassion made a difficult time into a memorable send-off for our sweet mother. We were blessed to have you looking after us and every detail. You quickly answered our questions (via text, email and phone) concerns, and guided us through the process. Mom looked so beautiful - as she had 15 years ago - any woman's dream! You continue your fine family tradition - and I'm sure your Dad and Grandfather are proud. Thanks for everything.

Ed, Michelle and Steve F. (Wilmington, DE; March 2016)

My heartfelt gratitude to you and your staff for all your efforts in the planning, preparation, and conducting of the services for my mother. Your ability to navigate through all the different opinions and feelings of the family was remarkable. I truly appreciated the opportunity to see my mother one last time and say a final goodbye. She looked so beautiful, and now I have a memory of her as she looked when she was healthy, thank you so much. Your attention to detail enabled everything to go smoothly at a time when emotions were running high. May you receive many blessings as you continue to serve the Wilmington community.

Faith C. (Wilmington, DE; March 2016)

I attended a service at Doherty Funeral Home a few months ago and was impressed with the facility...I was also impressed by the graciousness of the employees. When Mom passed away I suggested right away that we use Doherty Funeral Home. All of us - 5 children - are very glad we chose your funeral home. The overall experience could not have been better (and it was in great contrast to the experience we had with another local funeral home at my Dad's passing). I have already recommended your service to others and will be sure (as will my sisters) to continue the recommendation.

Stephanie C (Newark, DE; January 2016)

I want to thank you and your entire staff for the professional and compassionate manner in which Doherty Funeral Homes conducted my late wife's viewing, funeral and burial service. I have spent most of my adult life managing businesses, large and small, for a living. As such, I consider myself a student of the management profession. When a business is well managed, its operation APPEARS effortless, seamless and even simple. Just as Willie Mays made hitting a home run or catching a fly ball look easy, so too do well managed businesses tend to make the viewer think that anyone could duplicate that performance. I know better and I recognize excellent management when I encounter it.
I want to particularly single out Mr. Chris Gillis, Funeral Director, for his professional and compassionate presence at every turn. He anticipated every need that my family, our guests or I requested and several dozen other needs that we didn't even think to raise. At every step along the way, Mr. Gillis was at our side helping and guiding us and bringing in the other members of the Doherty Team, as appropriate. Without our even asking, items such as (my wife's) Mass cards, copies of her obituary, death certificates, grief counseling, etc. appeared in the proper sequence and with dignity. There was no end of the guidance and advice that Mr. Gillis provided. As you know, our family was in a state of shock and numbness throughout most of this experience but as we all look back on it now, we gained a real friend in Mr. Gillis.
I don't know how else to say this but Doherty Funeral Homes provided incredible, professional support in a time of our greatest need! The quality of Doherty's outstanding management is responsible for it all. We will never forget you, Doherty Funeral Homes or Chris.

Edward C. (Wilmington, DE; February 2016)

To Bill & All the Doherty (Funeral Home) Staff, Thank You for making my mom's celebration of life a very special occasion for us. The entire process from beginning to end was perfect. Your compassion and commitment to excellence shines through all your staff in actions and words. We truly appreciate your kindness.

Eileen C. and Mary Anne W. (Newark, DE; December 2015)

We want to thank you for your superb service and your kind, thoughtful employees. Words can not do justice to the wonderful care we received. The gentleman in charge of our time with you was Chris Gillis...we were so impressed with the care given to our family...Doherty Funeral Home is a well-run organization and having been in business for myself, I know how important it is to have employees that make it look easy, even though it is not. All of your employees that we came in contact with, could not have been nicer. From your office staff, to Chris, to all of the gentlemen who looked out for us in every way the night of the viewing and the day of the funeral - We could not have been more impressed or pleased. You did an absolute miracle in preparing my sister to be viewed. I was with her when she passed and I know how terribly ill she looked. To say I was surprised to see her looking like her own, beautiful self would be an understatement. I just want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for a making a truly sad situation into one that ran smoothly and allowed our family to say goodbye to my sister in a dignified and loving manner.

Miriam B (Wilmington, DE; February 2015)

Mr. Doherty, please accept my deepest gratitude for the handling of my husband's funeral and burial. From the very first phone call, everyone with whom we came into contact was unfailingly kind and compassionate. We cannot say enough about Jim Mullin. What a gem you have there. His guidance through the process was professional, thorough, caring and sympathetic. He exceeded all expectations at every turn. We especially appreciated his easy handling of a few last minute details we requested. He responded immediately to all requests, and all was done to perfection. The services were conducted with quiet dignity and gave my family and me a sense of peace. It was so comforting to know we were in such good hands. The visitation room was beautifully arranged, and your facility on Limestone Road is bright and welcoming, which was very important to us. We were thrilled with the memorial video put together by Kate, and received many compliments on its quality. Many said it was the best video of its kind that they had ever seen. Lastly, we would like to thank Sandy Jones, who spent many hours helping us with the mundane but important tasks and paperwork that needed to be tackled. Her expertise was very much appreciated, and we would like to commend your organization for offering that much-needed service. Please convey our thanks to everyone else who was assigned to assist us during the visitation and funeral, and those who assisted behind the scenes. We will unhesitatingly recommend your services to anyone in need of them.

Rose S. (Wilmington, DE; January 2015)

I can’t say enough positive things about how pleased we were. Chris was so kind and compassionate throughout the process. There were so many additional personal touches that made it a special ceremony for us. [She] looked beautiful which left a nice memory for us during this most difficult time. Those that attended also commented on how nice it was and a step above the other funeral homes they have been to. Thank you so much.

Duane and Patricia L. (Newark, DE; October 2014)

Having made arrangements with Doherty Funeral Homes twice (my mother in 2000 and my father in 2014), I can honestly say that the staff and the service are overwhelmingly outstanding. Everyone knows his job, but you never get the impression that it is a “job” to them. They are all just so caring and so very compassionate and kind. One could not ask for better people to work with.
Special commendations go to Jim Mullin for going above and beyond in his capacity to be helpful. Interacting with him in making the arrangements, and then having him there at the memorial service for my father, made him feel like “family” to us. On a scale of 1-10, you are a 20! THANKS!!!

Margie W. (Wilmington, DE ; December 2014)

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